Pepper plant problem

Asked July 3, 2015, 12:24 PM EDT

Pepper plants in garden are yellowish and not growing. All other plants in garden are doing fine. FYI in spring I worked in heavy amount of well decayed horse manure to increase organic material and loosen soil.
Cannot understand why only the pepper plants are not doing well. Where planted about month ago.

Clinton County Michigan

3 Responses

The addition of a heavy amount (your words) of organic matter is going to allow the soil to retain moisture... in this case, too successfully. The pore spaces in the soil that should be holding air are filled with water. This can cause yellowing.

If the soil is currently not too wet, the amount of moisture that was there recently leached nitrogen out of the soil. Try a light application of some type of a nitrogen fertilizer. Don't do it if the soil is currently too damp. Wait until more water heads down out of the root area.

Cool and wet weather can cause warm season vegetables to have a yellowed appearance.

Thank you very much for your detailed and informative answer to my question.
As a a more is better guy I often overdue things. I thought organic material made for great soil and put probably 4 or 5 inches on manure on and tilled it in. I did not realize it acts like a sponge and hold moisture. In a dry year probably would not have noticed a problem. Thanks again for your help.

You are correct in your deduction that a drier year would have made things less apparent... unless you really watered to excess. Good luck in the pepper business. I am guessing that when it gets warmer and not quite as wet, the peppers will look cute again.