Help! Yellowing Leaves!!

Asked July 2, 2015, 9:50 AM EDT

Hi. I am square foot gardening with two plots. I was late putting my plants in this year and did not make my usual soil amendment mix. I just threw in some bagged organic potting soil and Nature's Care Organic "Really Good Compost" from the Home Depot. I must have been out of my mind when I purchased these without first reviewing them. I am an organic gardener, and other reviewers on the HD site have found inorganic materials and suspect that it is half cooked and not organic. It is not certified but I wasn't sure if these products would be. Other reviewers have had the same problems with leaf yellowing of previously healthy plants. I fear I have also contaminated my old soil which I had carefully tended over the last four years with blended amendments and I was more sure about. So both beds exhibit yellowing leaves, and pea seedlings are not sprouting (I know they are not season appropriate but my kid wanted to try). I fear they are all dying. Horrible! Anyone else had this problem? Any advice? I don't know if they will make it another week.. Heartbroken and foolish, Leisha

Centre County Pennsylvania

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