Help my poor tomato plants!

Asked June 30, 2015, 5:41 PM EDT

My better boys were looking great until yesterday. when I went to water them yesterday afternoon, I noticed many of my leaves are yellowing (see picture). What should I do? Thanks for your help!

Cherokee County Georgia

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There are several fungal leaf spot diseases that commonly infect tomatoes. This could be early blight (extremely common) and/or septoria leaf spot.

If the yellow leaves are on the bottom on the plant, simply pull them off and dispose of them. These fungal disease spores splash up from the soil, so a good mulch of, for instance, newspapers covered with leaf mulch or straw, keeps the spores from splashing on the lower leaves.

Other strategies may be necessary. See our website info in the Grow It Eat It section devoted to vegetable growing for more detail:

Also, we have a good fact sheet on tomatoes with a handy diagnostic chart of symptoms: