Can you identify the tree that created this leaf?

Asked June 30, 2015, 5:33 PM EDT

This tree generates no berries or fruit. It has a wonderful canopy and I think it could be a type of ash. Can you tell me what type of tree it is?


Outside United States

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I'm sorry your location didn't come through, I would like to assign to an expert as close to you as possible. Are you in Oregon? East or West side?

Hi Sandy: Actually I live near Toronto, Canada-not sure if there is a similar service offered through Michigan State?

Dear gardener,

Thanks for contacting us. Can you tell me the approximate height of the tree? Your first photo appears to be one leaf with about 20 leaflets. How large is this compound leaf? Are the compound leaves opposite each other on the branches, or do they alternate sides as the emerge from the branch? Also, please look at the underside of the leaf: Is it smooth or downy? Is the colour different than the top side?

Hi Lynne: I'm not a good judge of height, but I'd guess about 20 feet, I've attached pictures of the leaf front and back, with a measuring tape, and the backside of a tree branch. Hope these help! Thanks!

Dear gardener,

It looks like you may have a cultivated variety of honeylocust (Gleditsia triacanthos), without thorns. The males of the species produce no fruits. Here is some information on the plant:

Thanks Lynne!