Blueberry tip die back

Asked June 29, 2015, 3:02 PM EDT

Some of my blueberries have this tip die back. Is it Bacterial Canker or pseudomonas, or something else? Thanks

Tillamook County Oregon

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I did not receive the photo when I opened the message the first time. Based upon your picture there are a few options.

Based solely on the photograph, I cannot determine the exact cause of the dieback. The following are two diseases that call for the similar cultural controls (non-chemical controls). The PNW Disease Management Handbook does not list any chemical controls that are for home owners for either of these diseases. I have included links to the PNW Disease Management Handbook for you:

Twig Blight:

Bacterial Canker:

Twig Bligh - Cultural control

· Purchase healthy planting material and/or do not use plants with injured branches.

· Prune out, remove, and destroy infected and dead branches.

· Avoid wounding or injuring plants.

· Encourage plants to harden off in winter to avoid frost damage.

· Use plant spacing and canopy management that promotes good air circulation.

Bacterial Canker - Cultural control

· Plant resistant cultivars.

· Prune out all diseased wood as soon as it is noticed and especially before fall rains.

· Avoid late-summer nitrogen fertilizer applications, which can lead to winter injury.

· Prune susceptible cultivars during dry weather if possible.

Another option may be Blueberry Scorch Virus, although I think that it is one of the diseases above. Here is a link to the PNW Disease Management Handbook:

If this is a plant problem that is causing economic losses, you may choose to send a sample to the Oregon State University Plant Pathology Department and they can do more to determine the exact cause; however there is a charge for this service. We can facilitate shipping a sample from the Tillamook County OSU Extension Service office at 2204 Fourth Street in Tillamook.