How can we rid our home of fruit flies?

Asked June 29, 2015, 11:56 AM EDT

I have thrown out all plants. Put bananas in a bag. Left potatoes, onions, and tomatoes outside. How to I keep these pesky flies that come in on fruit & veggies out of my home and still have fresh fruit & vegetables?

Lee County Alabama

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Hello Chef,
I'm sorry these insects are so pesky for you. Admittedly though, I'll need to ask around to colleagues. You've done all the items I recommend. I'll go ahead and speculate that a "trap" using vinegar might help. (again, I'm checking on other options too)
Fruit flies are attracted to fermenting fruits. Vinegar simulates these chemicals. Pour a small amount of vinegar in a jar, then place a funnel in the top. This leaves the jar open, allows the flies to go inside, but prevents them from escaping. This has mixed results, but could work for you.
I'll reply again soon as I find other tips to help you.

Hello again,
It seems my speculation is validated from several Land Grant Extension sources. Here's a link showing you the trip I described earlier. I've used my kitchen funnel as it doesn't slide down in the vinegar to get soggy. For me, the results were satisfactory within 24 hours. All adults were trapped.