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Hi Expert:

I bought a holiday avocado at the Green Thumb in Oxnard and planted it in a well drained FULL barrel and fertilize it about twice a year. They say it takes 5 or 6 years to produce, but mine had bee-bees (fruit?) the first year but they all fell off. After six years, it finally produced the bee-bees again, thousands of them! They all fell off again. I water it about three times a week. It is wind protected. What is causing the fruit to fall off? I do everything but take it to bed with me to coax it to produce. I am on the Central Coast where it never gets very hot and is more on the cool, foggy side all year. Thanks for any help you can give.

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Having been blessed by a time of living in California, and owning several avocado trees, I can tell you that mine were mature, and I never did anything to them!!

Seriously, it sounds to me without a lot of additional information that your trees not be getting pollinated correctly. Avocados have male and female flower parts but they dont always pollinate themselves very well because the male parts open at a different time than the female parts. It would be best to have another tree of the correct type to pollinate your Holiday cultivar. One dwarf type tree that would make a good pollinator is Littlecado avocado. There is more information here: This other link has important information about the pH and nutrient requirements of avocados, and if you have not already you will want to do soil testing once a year to be sure to be supplying the nutrient needs and acidity levels needed.

good luck!