Grass for SE Ky.

Asked June 27, 2015, 11:59 AM EDT

Is there a better grass to plant than Ky31 for hardiness and looks? If so where can I find that seed? I have an existing lawn with Dallas grass issues. I am thinking about digging the Dallas grass up and seeding the spots with a good, hardy grass.

Whitley County Kentucky

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I like KY31 but I asked around and another agent suggested falcon 4. He really likes the looks of it but says it's not quite as hardy but says its hardy enough. Any of your local farm supply stores should have the seed you need or they should be able to order it for you. If you wanted to not jump right in, you could buy a small amount of each seed and plant it in a small area in your backyard. This way you could see which one you like the looks of better. Or, a quick internet search could provide some pictures to help you make your decision more informed. Hope this helps and good luck.