My grapevine is 4 years old and has produced small grapes for the past couple...

Asked June 25, 2015, 10:08 AM EDT

My grapevine is 4 years old and has produced small grapes for the past couple of years. Last year the leaves started coming in yellow with hardly any green. I cut the vine down to the ground last fall. This spring it started coming back and has no green leaves at all. I have tried giving it extra iron and potassium and a good overall plant food. Nothing has helped! I am considering trying to just get rid of it. Is there any hope for it?

Larimer County Colorado vines

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Just to clarify, the leaves that are on the grapevine are yellow? Do they have green veins?

It sounds like your grape has iron chlorosis. I've seen a number of plants, including grapes, this year that have suffered from iron chlorosis. It's likely a combination of factors--cool, wet soils, cold temperatures and susceptibility. While there is a lot of iron in our soils, at our high pH, it's in a form that's unavailable to plant.

You could try using iron chelate to treat the grape. Though you've given it extra iron, what iron form did you use? The chelate that works best is EDDHA (EDTA is not effective in our soils). This chelate tends to be more expensive, but is much more successful than the cheaper forms of iron.

CSU Extension does have an extensive Garden Note on iron chlorosis:

It could also be due to the high moisture we've grapes it tends to be a result of over-watering. If you want more information on growing grapes in Colorado, here is a link: