Pea plants turning brown

Asked June 24, 2015, 11:17 PM EDT

Hi, we have several sugar snap pea plants in pots. They grew quickly and were doing excellent up until they produced the first wave of peas. Shortly after they started to turn brown and die beginning with the bottoms of the plants, though there are still a few new growth areas on the top. They haven't produced any peas since they started to turn brown (2-3 weeks ago). We've noticed that all of our neighbor's pea plants are still doing well (in planter boxes). What might the issue be with ours? Is this a symptom of too little water, too much, or maybe too small of a pot?,

Multnomah County Oregon

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Why are my Pea plants dying from the bottom up?

It looks like they are running out of nutrients because they are in too small a pot. They could also be coming to the end of their life. Depending on when you sowed them they may be 'going over' or ending their production. This may have been hastened by the lack of nutrients.

Next year use a larger pot and nip out the growing tips when the Peas are about 2-3 inches tall. This will encourage the plants to bush out and make more flowers (and Peas).

You shouldn't need to feed Pea plants so long as the soil you use is a good all-purpose compost with lots of organic matter.

And by the way there is still time to pull the plants and replant with beans for a late summer crop.

Thanks for your interesting question.