I have many tomato plants that were healthy when I put them in the garden....

Asked June 23, 2015, 11:18 AM EDT

I have many tomato plants that were healthy when I put them in the garden. They are planted with good spacing, and with red plastic row covers. I added compost to my garden this year, and I got it from the county compost site and then tilled it in. My question is about my plants now having all new growth coming in contorted, twisted, and when it does unfurl, the leaves are narrow, not fully formed tomato shaped leaves. What is going on with my plants?! I tend to garden organically, however, I did use Bonide on these plants once as I have had terrible problems with septoria leaf spot in past years and blight.

Anoka County Minnesota tomato leaf curl

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This looks like a phsyiologic reaction. Some times leaves will curl if they've been exposed to some herbicide drift. Other causes can be large fluctuations in temperature. Viruses will also cause leaf curl.

Check out these links to see if the symptoms are similar to what you are seeing on your plants: