Sweet cherry fungus

Asked June 23, 2015, 10:58 AM EDT

I have a bing type cherry tree and two yellow cherry trees. They bring fruit on, but before mature the fruit dries up and drops off trees. It is also starting to occur on my sour cherry tree as well. I tried spraying with Captan with no success, and tried spraying with a copper based fungicide this year with the same result. Can you suggest what needs to be done to clear this up. I assume the problem is probably brown rot, am I right?

Washington County Maryland fruit cherry trees

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Sounds like brown rot and that is a very common problem in cherries. Trouble is that one cannot spray just once and even if you spray at bloom stage and again at ten day intervals until two weeks before harvest, cherries can still get brown rot if the weather is right. The two most crucial sprays are at 5% and 90% bloom. Captan and immunox are the two fungicides which will have best results. vw