Hi , I planted a MN strain redbud close to a black walnut, out of the drip...

Asked June 22, 2015, 4:43 PM EDT

Hi , I planted a MN strain redbud close to a black walnut, out of the drip line but not 25 feet. I had read that redbuds were tolerant of BW, but then realized that it was the Eastern redbud. Do you know if the MN strain redbud would be tolerant of being near a BW. The leaves are looking a bit stressed - kind of mottled. Any suggestions or should I not be concerned? Thanks for your help. Julie Borgerding

Ramsey County Minnesota black walnut tree

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Hi Julie,

I'm not sure if I understand your question about eastern redbuds vs Mn redbuds, but it seems that most strains of Cercis Canadensis tend to be somewhat tolerant of the juglone that black walnuts produce.

Even though there are more strains of Redbuds coming to market that are tolerant of our cold winters, they remain more vulnerable than many other trees. Being in the spread of the roots from a black walnut may eventually compromise the well being of this lovely tree.

The yellowing you are seeing may be a sign of chlorosis, but frankly I can't see any significant yellowing on the leaf in the photo you sent. If this is indeed chlorosis you should see a progression of yellowing in between the veins - which will stand out as very green. At this point I would simply think that this is a sign of transplant shock - which can take up to a couple of years to resolve.

I hope this is helpful. Please contact Aae again if you have further questions.