tomato leaf curl, lacey new leaves, spotted leaves

Asked June 22, 2015, 3:05 PM EDT

Are others having problems with tomatoes? Leaf curl.Leaves are thick, pointed upward. Lacey immature leaves at top. Spotted yellow leaves at the bottom.PH slight acidic, nitrogen low, phosphorus hight, Potash sufficient.

Oakland County Michigan

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This has nothing to do with nutrients. What you are seeing is a very light dose of 2,4D affecting the plant. This is a broadleaf weed killer that is used on lawns.

Tomatoes are highly sensitive to 2,4D. A weed killer could have been applied to your lawn or the neighbor's lawn. In warm weather, the 2,4D volatilizes and floats a distance and smacks the tomato. It could have been as simple as you handling a bag (open or closed) with 2,4D in it and then going to the garden and touching the plants. Or it is possible to use grass clippings from a lawn that had a broadleaf weed killer applied in the recent past.

Symptoms of a light dose of 2,4D includes twisting curling or pig-tailing of leaves and stems. The leaves feel like they are made out of plastic and are much stiffer than normal. If your tomato had more contact with 2,4D it would be dead. This amount is miniscule. The damage is classic and nothing in the disease or insect world duplicates this. If it was a light dose of glyphosate, it would look different.

If there is no additional contact, the growth will return to normal.

Since I cannot see the bottom leaf spots, I can't even guess.