Asked June 22, 2015, 2:57 PM EDT

i am trying to figure the cost of alpha for approximately 10 acres of alpha hay and how much to charge. for this standing alpha.i'm looking for fair price. like price for the 10 acres. priced by small bails to 4x4 roles to 6x6 roles and how much should i ask for small bails to large 6x6 role .My mother has been given it away for free has no idea of cost . since my father passed. please give me as much info on price of acre of alpha, price for small bail to large 6x6 roles. and how many I should get out of each and an acre. thanks, Eric Bolt


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Eric, I suggest you contact the agricultural Extension agent in your locality. Prices can vary by region and since you did not list your county location, I do not know who to refer your question to.