I have 30-40 lupin plants that are totally infested with aphids---including...

Asked June 22, 2015, 1:41 PM EDT

I have 30-40 lupin plants that are totally infested with aphids---including the small new plants. These plants are in a perineal garden (peony, roses, lily, echinasia. asters, laitris, clematis, lavendar etc.) What can I do short of pulling all the lupin out. Also, will all the other perineal plants get infested?

Carlton County Minnesota

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If the aphids are attacking your Lupine, they are probably drawn to some of the other perennials in your garden as well.

The most environmentally friendly, and cheapest solution is to routinely blast the affected parts of the plants with a strong spray of water from the hose. These critters are rather weak and are slow climbers. Without a constant ration if sap from the plants they tend to die off.

If you would rather use chemicals, this is a link that describes various means of control - including insecticides:

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