Zucchini Plant Leaves Pruning

Asked June 21, 2015, 11:23 PM EDT

My zucchini plant is doing great and already producing some grown zucchini to harvest. It is beginning to take over sunlight space from a neighbor pepper plant and I'm curious if/how to trim back some of the leaves. Can I do this? Will this hurt vegetation?

Montgomery County Pennsylvania

1 Response

Trim plants carefully to avoid removing too many flowers or robbing growing fruits of the shade they need. You can:

remove dead, diseased or insect-chewed leaves at the top of the stalk;

remove entire stalks that appear to be dead or damaged but leave at least 1 inch of stalk at the base of the plant;

cut off the largest and outermost leaves after checking that no squash are growing directly beneath the leaves;

remove low-growing stalks and leaves to help improve air circulation and take special care not to nick the stem while pruning;

examine the plant after removing large leaves, diseased stalks and low-growing plant parts to evaluate if the zucchini is still encroaching on neighboring plants;

trim long stalks without squash fruits growing on them if the plant is still too bushy;

If few flowers are remaining on the plant, take care not to remove stalks or stalk sections on which flowers are growing.

Source: homeguides.sfgate.com