No till pasture reseeding methods for pasture

Asked June 21, 2015, 5:06 PM EDT

We recently purchased a sloped 5 acres, and are currently grazing sheep on it. We'd like to work to improve the quality of pasture, but don't have finances or storage space for tractors. Do you have any information for restoring a pasture / reseeding after grazing (in this case, with sheep?) Thanks!

Orange County Vermont

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Rather than point you in several directions, I recommend you get in touch with Jenn Colby, Pasture Program Coordinator at the Center for Sustainable Agriculture. She'll be able to help you with the information that you need:

Phone: 802-656-0858
Office: 23 Mansfield Avenue
Burlington, VT 05401-3323

If you have any problems reaching her, please let me know.