Oak Tree BLight

Asked June 21, 2015, 2:45 PM EDT

I have a 30'+/- tall pin/red oak, which has developed over the past two years a rust on the leaves, along with some blistering and dying lower leaves. It also has a lime color to it rather than a more vibrant green. Any ideas, suggestions, recommendations, etc., would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks,

Montgomery County Maryland

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This sounds like the classic symptoms of bacterial leaf scorch. Please read over our website information on this disease: http://extension.umd.edu/hgic/bacterial-leaf-scorch-trees


Oh wow! You hit the nail on the hear, unfortunately. Will get lower limbs trimmed ASAP and see if a combo. of feedings and a systemic pesticide might help. I think you should relay this info. to the Montgomery County Arborist who looked at this last Fall (2014) and recommended pruning as the cure. Thanks for the prompt & accurate diagnosis. I guess oaks are not as mighty as thought. Best, bill

This is a relatively new problem with oaks, and it's sad to see. It would be great if you want to forward this to your arborist.

Will do. Have a great summer. bill