Asked June 21, 2015, 2:09 PM EDT

i have wrote to you with many issues with my lawn. i now have another problem, mushrooms. i have been trying my best to go organic and that's what i basically have be using. i use johnathan green mag i cal, love your lawn love your soil both containing humus. i also treat the lawn often with vermicompost tea with added ingredients of rock dust, liquid kelp, molasses, sometimes some J.G. products mentioned. i have read that mushrooms are caused by fungi. is that my problem? if so do i have to get the soil back to a bacterial condition. which of these applications do you feel would be most responsible to cause mushroom growth? thanks i am going to try and upload pictures, if i can not i will email them. my email address is so you know they came from me. my phone 215-869-0010

Philadelphia County Pennsylvania

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I'm going to refer you to another question about yard mushrooms answered in full by eXtensions expert Laura Sheffer. If you still have questions after reading this response, please let us know..