Zestar Pollination

Asked June 20, 2015, 10:41 AM EDT

I know the question has been asked and answered previously about pollination of Zestar apple, but I'm in NW Iowa by the Iowa Great Lakes, and my Zestars blocks bloom before any of my other trees, such as my Wealthy, Honey crisp etc. Is there a crab that might be early, or even another MN variety that I can use as my earliest pollinator to time with my Zestar?

Dickinson County Iowa

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Other early blooming varieties include: Liberty, Dandee Red, Indian Summer (crabapple), Yellow Transparent, Red Winesap, Empire, McIntosh, Idared, Manchurian crab, Cortland, Blondee, and Redfree. Perhaps a few crabapples would help? Good luck.