dead electrical circuit in one wall

Asked June 19, 2015, 6:39 PM EDT

After the first bad storm, one circuit in the house (5 plugs, 3 wall switches for overhead lights, ceiling fans) along the common wall between the living room and the master bedroom tripped the 15A breaker (the breaker is shared with another circuit in the living room) I reset the breaker and only one circuit came back. There was no power in the common wall. 3 electricians have come and gone and can't trace the bad circuit - there is power to one circuit but not the common wall circuit that are hooked to the common breaker. The breaker was checked and was fine. The rest of house has normal power (including the rest of the master bedroom).The common wall with no power has 2 TVs (one for living room, one for bedroom) and a remote gas fireplace. Plugs, ceiling fans, fish eye ceiling lights were all disassembled to try and find the entry. All GFCI plugs were checked (all good). Any ideas?

Fort Bend County Texas

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