mold on wood chips

Asked June 19, 2015, 6:25 PM EDT

We had a Douglas fir cut down recently since it appeared dead. We kept the wood chips, plus some chips that were in the chipper's wagon from a previous job. Today we were about to spread the fiber and found mold close to the top of the pile and maybe throughout. Can we use it without transferring disease or mold throughout our yard. Is it safe to inhale it? Will it dry out and be useable? What do we do? Thank you for your help on this.

Lane County Oregon

2 Responses

The mold is normal on rotting wood. It will not be a problem for any of your plants, but you should probably wear a mask when spreading it, especially if the material is dry, to avoid inhalation. Also, do not pile wood chip mulches next to your house's structure.

Thank you very much. That's helpful.