treatment for Maple tree

Asked June 19, 2015, 2:01 PM EDT

We have a very large Maple tree, not sure which one, and it is showing signs of iron chlorosis, yellow leaves and burnt edges to the leaves. What should we do? Is it best to take a soil sample to the garden center for a ph test or should we just try adding iron sulfate to the soil?

I have noticed several trees in the neighborhood that look like this. All are maples.

Weld County Colorado

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Yes, many maples are highly susceptible to iron chlorosis. Thanks for sending the pictures – it helps to differentiate this from chlorosis caused by other issues. These yellowing leaves have green veins – that’s the telltale symptom. If you don’t see the green veins in yellowing leaves, it could be other issues like too much water (which we’ve certainly had!).

This link will provide multiple methods of treating iron chlorosis – and you’re right; it starts with a soil test that you can do at home to determine which kind of treatment to use. There’s lots of good information here!

Don’t expect to see much improvement this year, but this tree’s canopy looks good and otherwise healthy, so give it a try. Also note the causes in an attempt to lessen the chlorosis in the future.

Thanks for contacting us, and good luck.