jade plant drooping

Asked June 19, 2015, 1:07 PM EDT

I have a jade that has been thriving in an eastern window until this morning - the leaves look fine but the plant is drooping over the side (it was away from the light - almost like it's trying to run away). I've moved it outside next to another jade which seems to like it's space. The pot size is good (it's actually in a larger pot) and I water once a week gently and allow it to drain. Any other suggestions?

Larimer County Colorado

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Jade plants are somewhat sensitive to light levels and the eastern light may have been to bright or too direct for the plant--especially since we have such long days in Colorado and the sun comes up before 6am. I would suggest trying to move it into a more shaded location--especially from the afternoon sun. It sounds like you're doing everything else right. Good luck!