Asked June 19, 2015, 12:09 PM EDT

We live in Libertytown in a wooded area and have been inundated with chipmunks. I also had a deer tick on me and was wondering......are they a vector for deer ticks and how can we "relocate" them? Thanks!

Frederick County Maryland wildlife chipmunks

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Here is our page about chipmunks:

Also, our Extension publication about Nuisance Wildlife, discusses chipmunks and ideas on control as well as contains the number to the Dept. of Natural Resources line which can talk with you about relocation in your area, as county rules may vary:

Although the preferred host of the black-legged tick is the white-footed mouse, the larval and nymphal stage of this tick (formerly called deer tick) are found throughout the summer feeding on small mammals like chipmunks and voles.
Adult ticks feed during the winter on white-tailed deer.
Every tick is not necessarily a carrier of disease however.