Lawn Irregularities

Asked June 19, 2015, 10:35 AM EDT

Dear Experts,
I live in Northwest Denver and have always had a thriving lawn without doing much work beyond regular feedings. A couple months back I noticed two "issues" with my lawn. 1) the grass in 3 specific shaded areas seems to have a gray mold that can be wiped off the blades of grass, however it continues to be present, and 2) the grass appears "splotchy" in a couple different areas. By splotchy I mean some of the grass is deep dark green and healthy looking while there is much lighter green (almost yellow) grass mixed in with the dark green colors. I have applied the Scotts early spring treatment (fertilizer + crabgrass preventer) and the late spring treatment (fertilizer + plus 2 weed control) so far this year and no other treatments. Any ideas what is happening?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Denver County Colorado lawns and turf

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Hi there.

You may have multiple problems going on. The grey mold could be powdery mildew while the straw colored grasses could be leaf spot and/or Ascochyta leaf blight.

Here are some fact sheets that provide details about all of these turf problems:

If you would like someone to come out in person and provide a complete diagnosis, CSU offers the Lawn Check program for a fee. Information about this program can be found here:

I hope this helps.