Pear tree winter damage

Asked June 19, 2015, 9:09 AM EDT

My pear tree was winter damaged and now the tree is sprouting branches from the ground around the base. Should I prune the top off and hope that it lives?


1 Response

The best I can say is that it all depends. In general, the best thing is to replace the tree with a new one. But, it might be worth trying to save if:

  • The sprouts are coming from the scion (above the graft) and not the rootstock (below the graft).
  • The tree is small enough that one of the sprouts could take over and become a new trunk and not just be an appendage on a big old dead trunk.
If you do decide to try and save it, you should remove all the suckers except the one that you want to train into a new trunk/tree.

Good luck!