Edible Cherry?

Asked June 18, 2015, 7:10 PM EDT

Hi, We have a weeping cherry tree in our front yard, planted by the previous home owner. It was obviously grafted onto root stock. We haven't pruned the tree in years and the root stock suckers/truck is now producing fruit. The cherries look like a smaller version of Bing cherries. Are these cherries edible? I can send photos if needed. Thanks! Caryn

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It's difficult to say what rootstock was used to grow the ornamental cherry tree originally. There are many different species of Prunus that are used for rootstocks on ornamental as well as fruit bearing trees. Mazzard (Prunus avium) is probably the most common rootstock used, and it will grow a fruit like you describe, but the eating quality of that fruit can vary greatly. Other possibilities are Prunus serula. or the birch bark cherry which is used for its red bark. I know nothing about the eating quality of this fruit.

Thank you Lynn,
Would the fruit from any of the various possible rootstocks be poisonous? My kids are so anxious to try one...the fruit looks so tasty. Here are a few photos.
- Caryn

This fruit is sweet cherry, Prunus avium, variety unknown. It is safe to eat.