Round headed wood borer

Asked June 18, 2015, 4:42 PM EDT

I just received a letter identifying a bug in our house as a round headed wood borer. They have been found in the house and tub drain. Please advise on how to keep them from coming in the house and how to get rid of the ones in the house. Thank u

Pulaski County Kentucky

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They are regarded as accidental invaders in a home situation. Firewood should be stored away from the home. Do not spray firewood with pesticides.

Here's a link to a UK ENTFACT on the subject:

If firewood is not present, first seal obvious gaps in siding or holes in window screening. It is difficult to seal the entire house but do the best you can. As a second option, you can spray the perimeter of your home with an insecticide (active ingredient permethrin, bifenthrin, cyhalothrin, cyfluthrin, etc) as well as around windows and doors. Always follow label instructions.

For this type of insect (which is not a human pest nor will damage your home), UK will rarely recommend an insecticide in the home. Bug bombs don't do a very good job and do not address the problem at its source. .

Hope this helps.