My daughter has a moth problem in her house. Located in Pickerington, she has...

Asked June 18, 2015, 6:38 AM EDT

My daughter has a moth problem in her house. Located in Pickerington, she has a few moths everyday. We are trying to find how they are getting in, and closing up small openings we see, but have not found there entry point yet. We are wondering if we knew what kind of moth, and its life cycle, perhaps we would now better where to look. Attached is a photo. This problem just began a couple of weeks ago. I looked online and found a similar photo on another site. It appears to be Ozarba aeria. But I am new to this identification thing so I could very well be wrong. Attached is a photo she took last night after she captured one under a glass.

Fairfield County Ohio

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The moth looks like a type of owlet moth (family Noctuidae). This is a very large family that includes about 25% of all moth species and it includes cutworm caterpillars. However, the moths coming into your daughter's home are not truly intending to come into her home; neither they nor the caterpillars can live in a home. But, they can be accidental invaders.

Owlet moths tend to be nocturnal and the are highly attracted to lights at night; particularly porch lights. They love to hang out around porch lights at night and despite their relatively large size, they are amazingly good at zipping undetected through an open door! In fact, we've been getting these moths in our own home; we have a small dog and when we let him out at night, one of these moths commonly find their way in despite our best efforts ... and I'm an entomologist! The good news is that the moths will die off; they don't last too long.