Need help with reclaiming pasture

Asked June 17, 2015, 10:10 PM EDT

We would like to reclaim about 2 acres of pasture for grazing our horses. Is there a person who can come to our home in Randolph Center and advise us on what to do ? We have already attended 3 pasture network workshops and at our previous home in Moretown, practiced rotation grazing and manure management by picking up all manure from the field and composting it before spreading it - so we are committed to doing the right thing. But now that we have moved we are not sure how to go about repasturing our acreage. thanks - Jody Barna

Orange County Vermont

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Hello Jody,

You question was forwarded to Jenn Colby, Pasture Program Coordinator at the Center for Sustainable Agriculture, who will be happy to help you. You should hear from her directly (I believe you may already have met in-person!) otherwise, here is her contact information:

Phone: 802-656-0858
Office: 23 Mansfield Avenue
Burlington, VT 05401-3323