Visitor Coming from House With Bedbugs Infestation

Asked June 17, 2015, 6:19 PM EDT

I have a visitor coming to stay with me who has been living in a house with severe bed bug infestation. . They will be bringing luggage and mostly clothes. What can I do to make certain those bed bugs don't infest my place?


1 Response

I assume your guest is aware of the risk, and willing to do what it takes to avoid bringing bed bugs into your home. By all means luggage should stop at the garage or back door. Have them wash and dry on hot, all clothes being brought into the home, and do not let them bring in the suitcase, backpack or anything you suspect could be carrying bed bugs. A careful inspection and shaking of items that can't be put in the wash would be prudent. Placing items in a clear plastic bag and setting them in direct sunlight for an afternoon is another way to dis-infest non-washable items.
Although the risk of bring bbs in on clothing is lower, it's still quite possible. If you guest is willing, have them change and shower first, before coming in. Wash clothing and dry on hottest settings before bringing out of utility room.