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Have a client looking for information on permaculture. Wants to know how to set it up in a somewhat shady area. I am not knowledgeable in this area but think if we could give her some resources to go to an other information she would be fine. She can then get more specific and she learns more about it.

Kalkaska County Michigan

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Dear Madam/Sir:

An excellent introduction to permaculture can be found at:

North Carolina Cooperative Extension has a website resource list for permaculture at:

However, the first link and last link on the above list does not work.
A previous eXtension answer to a question "What is Permaculture?" is listed below:

Permaculture is a sort of contraction of the words Permanent and Agriculture. It is a form of agriculture based on the patterns found in nature. Principles of permaculture are applicable to many disciplines It incoorporates a lot of ideas that are commonly associated with sustainable agricultural practices. It is about making connections between elements of the land use in such a way that the sum or the end result of that connectivity is greater than the parts. Though it varies from one practitioner to another, and from one site to another, some of the common features include: 1) the assignment and creation of 'zones' to areas of your property with different land uses in each zone based on the amount of time and frequency of attention that is required by those activities (e.g. Zone 1 is close to the home and contains activities like the herb and kitchen garden while Zone 5 is the woods), 2) the design of human activities and land uses so that they are mutually supportive (e.g. the chickens are allowed to feed and fertilize the vegetable garden, the trimmings from which go into the compost pile or are fed back to the chickens and other animals; waste water from the home is used as irrigation on field or garden crops) Here is a NC Extension permaculture for small farms informaiton sources list. Here's a site that lists "best permaculture websites" Hope this helps.

-Kirsten Conrad Buhls, ANR Extension Agent, Arlington County Virginia


I hope these are helpful and get you where you need to go. If you need more assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at:

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