What can I do about codling moth larvae in my developing apples?

Asked June 17, 2015, 1:54 PM EDT

I think I have codling moth larvae in my developing apples...spots and brown sooty at the edge of the holes. Should I even bother spraying for them now? I'm thinking of using the Monterey Garden insect spray. Would it still be beneficial, or is my apple crop basically contaminated for the season?

Winnebago County Wisconsin

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You should spray unless all the apples are already infested. You are at the end of the first of two generations of codling moth. The fruit that has already been attacked will probably fall. When the larvae you see in the fruit now pupate and turn into moths they will mate and lay eggs attacking the fruit a second time. I would spray once now and in a month apply sprays again 2 or 3 times at a 10 day interval to control the pest. Generally the sprays need to be applied every 7 to 10 days to achieve control. follow the label instructions for the spray and be sure that codling moth is on the label as a pest controlled.