Moss on the roof

Asked June 16, 2015, 9:21 PM EDT

I recently removed moss from my roof. I plan on putting some anti moss substance on before the next rain. I'm sensitive to chemicals and also do not want to use chemicals. I know people use tide, baking soda zinc and other moss be gone products. If I choose to use baking soda will it be effective in killing the moss and preventing it from regrowing on the roof. I have also heard about copper strips.

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Dealing with moss on roofs is a constant battle here in the PNW especially on the north side of homes and in shaded areas. Unfortunately, most commercially available products or home remedies (like baking soda) don't have much residual effect on moss control. The chemicals will kill the moss it comes in contact with, but be washed away in the next rain event.
One way to prevent moss regrowth is to install zinc strips or galvanized flashing along the roof ridges. The zinc is slowly leached from the strips by rain and appears to inhibit the moss growth. Copper may also be effective, but the cost is higher. If you want more information on the recommended moss control options check out this OSU website on bryophytes (mosses & lichens).
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