I reviewed the diagnosis a problem and feel that our situation could possibly...

Asked June 16, 2015, 3:23 PM EDT

I reviewed the diagnosis a problem and feel that our situation could possibly be Verticillium wilt. We planted this greenspire linden (attahed photos) Fall of 2013. This month the tree has leaves turning yellow, some crispy brown & eventually falling off. Wondering what we can do to save this tree? Attached are a couple of photos. I do not see any apparent pests on the leaves. Any guidance is sincerely appreciated. Thank you for your time!

Scott County Minnesota

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Typically verticillium wilt symptoms show up on one side of the tree - initially. Was this your experience, or has this tree suddenly started browning up all over?

Another possible explanation may be overwatering. It's been pretty wet this year, and if this tree is sited in a low spot it may be drowning.

Besides the overall appearance of the tree, you can check the twigs/branches for the characteristic streaking that goes with Verticillium Wilt:

If this is indeed the problem, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible to control. If you do decide to replant make sure that the tree is one that is not susceptible to VW, because the pathogen persists in the soil for years.

Finally, you may want to contact a certified arborist who can make a definitive diagnosis, and perhaps offer some remedies: