Troubled Cherry Trees

Asked June 16, 2015, 11:07 AM EDT

My father has a couple ornamental cherry trees and is worried that they seem to be losing their fullness. He is hoping that they can be treated, but isn't sure. Please review attached photos and provide information about the thinning trees. Thank you, Lance

York County Pennsylvania

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Below you will find a link to diseases of the cherry tree. It's difficult to diagnose from the pictures included and the link below may be helpful to you in identifying possible symptons and treatments. The trees do not appear to have been pruned and shaped over time as evidenced by many crossing branches and one tree appeared to have muliple suckers growing near the base of the tree. The tree may be affected by root girdling which develops over many years and eventaully cuts off the flow of water and plant nutrients.

My recommendation would be to contact a certified arborist who can examine the trees and determine what measures could be taken to ensure a long and healthy existence.