Three Pines Dead or Dying in Yard

Asked June 16, 2015, 9:53 AM EDT

I just moved into 1326 Bernoudy Rd. White Hall, Md. 21161 Phone #410 357 3113. I am attaching photos of 7 trees in my new yard which have damage. The first tree is a flowering dogwood - and the photos are a full view and then close up of dying or dead branches on the north side of the tree. The second set of 3 Pines show a full view and then close up of dead branches on east side of tree. The 3rd photo is of a tree which has nuts falling under it (I don't know the name) full view and then close up of dead branches on east side of tree. The 4th photo is of a flowering cherry (it was beautiful this spring) which has dying branches all around it.... I would like to know what the problem is and how to treat it.

Baltimore County Maryland

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You do not have one problem unless someone has spread a lawn herbicide all over your property which had a chemical that kills root systems. Highly unlikely.

Insect pests and diseases are mostly specialists. What infects a dogwood does not infect a sweet gum tree (those aren't nuts--those are "gumballs.") When you are losing a number of plants, the problem is often environmental, ie. drought, poor planting procedure when originally planted, etc. Or, you trees may simply have a variety of problems. (The Leyland cypress look like they may have a fungal disease.)

Because you have so many species of plants which are having a variety of problems,we'd recommend that you have a certified arborist come look at your trees. (Or, send us individual emails about each plant with several photos in each.)
We only recommend arborist certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. Many tree service companies have them, and they typically do not charge to look at and diagnose your trees. Of course, there is a charge for any service. To find certified arborists, go to this ISA website:

Meanwhile, look in our Publications section under Ornamentals for good fact sheets that can help you. Here's a good one;