Erosion Control with root plants

Asked June 16, 2015, 9:17 AM EDT

I have several sloped banks which have clay soil consistency. I would like to plant a native plant which has an extensive root system capability to hold the soil in place. There are some grasses there but they always grow tall and disperse a lot of unwanted seeds. The ideal would be a plant that has little above ground growth but has a root system that is very pervasive. Elevation of this location is about 850' above sea level and is located in Tri cities, Oregon just south of Myrtle Creek in Douglas County. Thanks in advance for any assistance and advice.

Douglas County Oregon

2 Responses

seed companies have an assortment of grass seeds. There are low profile bentgrasses. Bluegrass is a low profile grass. Both have extensive root systems. OR consider clover (white or subterranean) As legumes, they are also nitrogen fixers and wildlife loves the stuff. If you're looking for soil stability in the shorter term, grass is much better than bushes. And perennial ryegrass often comes with growth inhibitors and is a low profile grass.