Fungus in vermicompost

Asked June 15, 2015, 10:12 PM EDT

I have been vermicomposting for a few months now and early on I noticed small amounts of fungal growth but do not notice any now. The vermicompost mixture is nearing maturity but I'm concerned that adding this to the soil might cause the spread of the fungus. Do I need to compost this material to get it up to 150 degree temp to kill the fungal spores or can I add start incorporating it into the soil?

Lancaster County Pennsylvania

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I have a worm farm and at one point I got some gray mold (botrytis) in my worm bin. As soon as the fruit bits were gone, the mold was gone because it can't survive without its host. The source of these odd bits of mold and fungus is the food that you add to the worm bin. Once the food has passed through the worm digestive tract, the mold doesn't survive. That said, i started freezing my worm food in large cupcake tins and then thawing it before putting it in the worm bin. Freezing pretty much kills fruit fly eggs, molds and fungus, or at least makes them dormant until the worms finish them off.