Blue Spruce problem

Asked June 15, 2015, 7:54 PM EDT

I have a blue spruce which is looking pretty sick at this time. Branches have nice new growth at ends but the inner portion seems to be dying off. Examination of the trunk shows some sap leakage in small spots. I don't see any insects but may not know what to look for.

Bernalillo County New Mexico

1 Response

If you are in Bernalillo County, there is a Bernalillo County Extension Office---243-1386. Give them a call, explain the problem and schedule a home visit by one of the agents there---Graeme Davis or John Garlisch. They can also get photos, plant samples and, if they are lucky, any potential insect culprits.

While there might be some needle cast problems there---or possibly shading of older branches, droplets of sap could be due to stress associated with other causes. This could be worth checking out further---and possibly over time since conifers are not the easiest to diagnose.

And by the way---no charge for these services. Please give them a call and we'll get the ball rolling....I'll give them a 'heads up.'