Foxes in suburbia - with photos of fox and scat

Asked June 15, 2015, 2:54 PM EDT

We've seen a lot more foxes in our suburban Catonsville neighborhood, sometimes carrying a dead squirrel. Yesterday, as I was working in the garden, a fox trotted to within 10' of me, took a little detour, and casually trotted on by. He/she didn't look very healthy, unlike the fox in the attached photo. Today, on our front porch, there are three piles of scat. Do you think they are from a fox? Should I be concerned about the fearlessness and increased presence of these foxes? Does it mean anything, from a behavioral p.o.v., that an animal is leaving its droppings on our front porch?

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The red fox is probably looking for food to feed her young pups. Residential areas have become a natural feeding ground for wildlife.With squirrels and rabbits living close to people, it stands to reason that predators will also be there looking for an easy meal. No need to be concerned. Fox are usually nocturnal in their feeding habit so if it appears mangy, then you may want to call animal control hotline @ 877-463-6497..The scat on the front porch could be from the fox or that of a raccoon.


More scat on the porch today. Is there a way to discourage either foxes or racoons from using the porch as a restroom?

Unfortunately there are no repellents that will efffectively deter fox or raccoon from a particular area. If you have pets, be sure not to leave food outside. Also, if you feed the birds, the seed may be an attractant.
Try laying some hardware cloth over the are to discourage them.
Contact the Nuisance Wildlife Information Line as mentioned in our previous response. They offer the best ways to deal with nuisance wildlife