Help! i have black spot disease on my tomato plant how do i stop it?

Asked June 15, 2015, 12:31 PM EDT

I discovered blackspots on most of my leaves on my tomato plant after yesterday where i sprayed some spider mites to kill them. I soaked them too much in them. I am trying the milk spray method of stopping it spreading but most leaves of my plant are already infected . Another method was to get rid of all infected leaves but as i mentioned most of the are infected. If i cut everything thats infected will this kill my plant? If no will my plant possibly regrow

Outside United States

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Dear gardener,

Thank you for contacting us. It would be very helpful if you could send a close up photo of the pests and leaves. Spider mites are typically white. My guess is that your plants are infested with aphids (see attached photo). These can usually be controlled with a strong blast of water from a hose. Do this in the early morning so that the foliage dries out before nightfall.

If you send a photo we may be able to better identify the problem.

Dear gardener,

In looking over your inquiry I think I mis-read your situation. There are two kinds of tomato blight: early and late. While a photo would still be helpful, identification of the disease depends on where you are located and whether it is early in your growing season.

This article provides information about tomato blights:

While removing the leaves may help control the disease, it is likely that you will not be able to get rid of it this season. Cleanup all plant debris at the end of the season, and rotating your crop are your best defenses. A preventive Bordeaux spray (containing copper sulphate and hydrated lime) may also be helpful if applied at the correct time of year.

Spraying with milk may be helpful, however results in research have been mixed. You may be interested in the findings: