Yews - browning and shriveling on new growth

Asked June 15, 2015, 11:28 AM EDT

We have 4 spreading yews in front of our porch. They are several years old and have been very healthy plants. This year as new growth began to grow I noticed the ends were shriveling and then turning brown. I noticed on only one bush and it has progressively gotten worse. I am noticing that it is starting to spread to the other bush next to it. It does not look like winter kill.

Fairfax County Virginia

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Yews can be finicky, if you have it near a down spout or as a foundation plant, they tend to get 'wet feet' root rot and can not be reversed. I would check drainage and make sure your shrub is not getting too much water. If you are close to the Fairfax Government center, you can bring a sample and photos to our office 12011 Government Center Parkway, 10th floor....or call our Master Gardener Help Desk 703-324-8556

Also, here is a publication that touches on some issues with Yews:

I hope this helps!