Fire ants in Virginia?

Asked June 15, 2015, 9:56 AM EDT

Are there fire ants in Patrick County, Virginia? I found a series of two new mounds on the lawn this morning that were not there yesterday evening. We live on Riverside Drive right along Poorhouse Creek. These ants are red but smaller and much more easily agitated and more aggressive than the ones I'm used to seeing.

Patrick County Virginia

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There isn't any history of red fire ants in Patrick County, Virginia, and I'm not currently aware of any. In 2009, several Virginia counties and cities were placed under the Federal Fire Ant Quarantine. Individual red imported fire ant colonies have also been documented in the greater Richmond area and as far west as Montgomery County. However, these occurrences are considered to be isolated infestations, where colony establishment has not been confirmed. Please click on the link below for more information on red imported fire ants from Virginia Cooperative Extension: Red Imported Fire Ant

In addition, if you would like for us to have the ant(s) identified, please bring one to our office in a vial of alcohol and we will send it off to the insect identification lab for analysis. Our office is located in the Patrick County Administration Building on Rucker Street.