Help identifying grape vine variety

Asked June 15, 2015, 9:16 AM EDT

I've inherited a grape vine which is growing in the garden of a house I've just moved into. Could anyone help me identify the variety? I've tried to take pictures of the various growth stages. We moved in in December, so I am yet to see the fruit clusters.
Any help would be appreciated.

Outside United States

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Fruit clusters are important for ID with seeds, without, color, cluster shape, and berry size.
Even with all of that you could have a cross between many other grapes. All of that said we can get it close enough.

Hi I never thanked you for your reply! Now that more time has passed, I'm in a position to provide fruit cluster photos (see below). I hope these can help in determining the variety. Again, any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated.

Your pictures remind me of Royal blue a seedless variety.
This is a guess at best.
I hope this helps.

Thank you again for your unbelievably quick reply.
Unfortunately it is a seeded variety from the maturing grapes that I've sampled.
What steps could I take to further narrow things down? Are identification keys readily available?

I'd keys are far and few between. The issue with grapes is multiples of cross beading.
Maybe you can find some additional help your local university.