Asparagus ferns are brown

Asked June 14, 2015, 8:11 PM EDT

Dear Extension Specialist: My one year asparagus crowns are doing extremely well due to the excellent directions on growing them given on Grow It Eat It, so thank you very much! One question I had is this: One or two of the 25 ferns have turned brown at the top, and some of the larger spears that came up browned prior to ferning. Is this a sign of dehydration stress, or perhaps over-watering? Is the browning of foliage of some of the ferns/spears normal during the summer months after panting one year crowns in the spring? If not, is there a solution to the loss of foliage? Should I cut the browning foliage off? Will the crown send up new foliage in place of that which browns and dies off naturally?

Baltimore Maryland

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We cannao say for sure what has caused the browning of the foliage. It may be environmental or cultural in nature. A weak crown can also cause decline and will not come back next year. Cut back any brown foliage and see if it regrows. If so, it should be fine next year.