Plant identification

Asked June 14, 2015, 2:42 PM EDT

Hi, I have several of these plants coming up in my flower garden. I have not had them before, and I honestly don't know if they were part of a seed mix or are a weed. They are only a couple of months old. They have big leaves and grow out of the ground in a way that reminds me of lettuce - no stalk, just these big leaves. Pictures enclosed.

Howard County Maryland plant identification

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This could be a volunteer eupatorium. Do you have Joe pye weed nearby?
If not, we'd recommend that you let it grow out a while. Send us a photo at the end of the summer. If it is eupatorium, (a perennial), it won't flower until next year. But, if it produces a flower this year, send us that as soon as it fully opens.


I am leaving these to grow and hopefully flower. I have noticed that the rabbits are eating them, so I may not get a chance! One of them that remains looks like it is getting buds. I am hoping it survives long enough to get a picture.
i don't have joe pye weed, but maybe a neighbor does.

thanks for your help!

One of the plants that escaped the rabbits' attention has a flower now. I took photos of the flower in the way it hangs down and a picture where i tried to turn the flower up. Could it be borage? The flower looks like it, but the leaves didn't, to me anyway.
Thanks for you help!

Thanks for the photo of the flower. We agree. The plant is borage. The plant will self-seed, so it is not unusual to see it pop up in unexpected times and places.

Great! Thanks for your help and advice!