Kale tree!

Asked June 14, 2015, 2:24 PM EDT

Hi, I have a curly leaf kale plant growing in my garden beside the compost pile. I deadhead ed it the fort winter and since then it has grown into a 5 foot tall tree-like plant. Is this normal? Is there anywhere that I an send a sample to be studied in case it is a u ique plant. The plant has been growing and producing for 3+ years and has not flowered.

Orange County California

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Thanks for sending a picture, I've only heard of this one and never seen a picture of such a branched specimen. Tree Kale is a cultivated plant and closely related to other kales grown in the garden - it has the same botanical name as other kales. What I don't know is if you have just been able to grow a regular kale super tall due to your care and climate or if this is a tall growing variety that found its way into your seed packet/compost pile. The first option is more likely. Be sure to show your local Extension office and the Master Gardeners there; I'm sure they'll appreciate the picture and they'll have other gardening information you might find interesting.

Find them here: http://ceorange.ucanr.edu/
7601 Irvine Boulevard Irvine, CA 92618